Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Signs of Life

The field of advertising is largely made up of optimists. We can be cynical and sarcastic… but underneath all that springs hope eternal. As most of the country spends the week digging themselves out from snow, it’s a good time to reflect on the building industry and the signs of life it’s starting to project.

Lots of smiles at GreenBuild. Granted, this show attracts a progressive crowd and certainly the weather in Phoenix is mood lifting, but all-in-all people were optimistic about the industry’s short and long-term prospects. Architects, contractors and building owners alike are looking for sustainable solutions and are eager to talk. Ironically, the lack of actual building activity may have resulted in key influencers having more time to research sustainable products. In a time when most trade shows are experiencing reduced attendance numbers, GreenBuild enjoyed a slight uptick (2008, 23,000; 2009, 29,000).

The IBS crowd was surprisingly upbeat. Mortgages, foreclosure inventory and the availability of construction loans are still topics of concern, but by and large people are feeling like the worst is behind us. The show’s overall footprint has shrunk, but things seem to be on the road to recovery. Most exhibitors considered the show a success. In 2011 the show returns to Orlando.

“I want cheap, measurable and effective.” We’re about midway through the 1st quarter of 2010 and people are still very cautious. But cautious activity is certainly better than no activity at all. Budgets remain tight. Measurable results are being demanded even more than usual. One tactic A/O is suggesting to our clients to help stretch their budgets is graphic E-blasts. We call them Tickle™.

We’re big on Tickle for a couple of reasons.

1. It’s measurable.
2. It’s super targetable.
3. It’s an inexpensive way to maintain frequency.
4. It’s direct.

One caveat. Tickle is essentially a direct mail vehicle, and like any direct mail campaign, the list is everything. If you’re looking for a little boost in your marketing, maybe a little Tickle might do the trick. Insert sales pitch here – A/O can help you create compelling messaging and administer a program like this.

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